Monday, July 13, 2015

Thifty Finds VIII

1930s Japanese bicycle
1930s Japanese bicycle
1930s Japanese bicycle
1930s Japanese bicycle
1930s Japanese bicycle
1930s Japanese bicycle
1930s Japanese bicycle

Recently we acquired a vintage late-1930s Japanese bicycle.  It was rusting away in the back of a family-friend's garage .  We took it home, cleaned it up a little bit, admired it's craftsmanship, and found it a new home with a caring collector.  The bicycle had a number of unique features that are not seen on many of todays bicycles:  fender ornament, rod brakes, wheel brushes, and a lot of Japanese writing/brand marks.  It also came with a European-made removable child seat, as well as an American headlamp.

Garden Update II

My mini garden



Green peppers


Canna Lily and petunias

- My previous garden update was at the end of May, where things were just starting to grow.   Now, Mid-July, all my plants are large and plentiful!!  I have already been able to enjoy carrots, peppers, zucchini, basil and strawberries from my mini-garden. 

- I have been patiently waiting for my hibiscus blossoms, which should be in full bloom in a week or so
- My canna lilies have been growing so fast now that the weather has been sunny, hot and humid.  I took the photos about a week ago and my Canna is at least a foot taller already!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Iowa Nebraska Road Trip Pics

Dubuque elevator going up

View from the top of the elevator.  Wisconsin and Illinois are in the distance on the other side of the Mississippi River

Des Moines, IA view from the capitol building looking towards downtown

Iowa Capitol building

Inside Captiol domes


Capitol building library

Capitol building library

Lovely tile floors around the entire building

Pedestrian bridger over the Missouri River

Missouri River

Street art in Omaha

Record shopping at Fairmont Mercantile, downtown Omaha

Sorry, no pics from the roadshow.  Taking a photo of hundreds of strangers standing in lines didn't seem noteworthy enough.  And no photos allowed in the set area.  


Last weekend we went on a mini road trip to Omaha to attend the Antique Roadshow!!  The trip was about 6 1/2 hours of driving time but we made various stops along the way for food and exploration
Here is a quick recap of your trip:


Dubuque, IA
morning coffee at Monks and rode the famous elevator

Des Moines, IA
Lunch break at New World Cafe, self-guided tour of the Capitol building, and antique shopping at The Brass Armadillo

Omaha, NE
Supper at Modern Love  -  so delicious and was fun to see Isa (famous vegan chef / restaurant owner)!


Omaha, NE
Morning coffee at Blue Line Coffee (so good and across the street from our hotel!)
Morning walk across the pedestrian bridges that goes over the Missouri River and connects Nebraska and Iowa.
All afternoon was spent attending the Antiques Roadshow!!  We didn't strike it rich, but we had a great time!  We were at the show for about 4 hours and nearly all of that time was spent waiting in lines behind the set walls.  When we were the third couple at the front of the line we were allowed to enter the set area and wait for an appraiser.  We were able to quickly scan the set and see what was being filmed at the moment.  Before we knew it, it was our turn to have an item appraised.  The appraisals were very quick (about 30 seconds to 1 minute of time with each appraiser per item we had).  A couple items got detailed appraisal where we learned something new, while the other couple received very broad info.  All-in-all, we'd definitely go again if the opportunity arises.

Evening supper at Block 16 followed by exploring "Old Market."  We stopped at antique/vintage shops, browsed Fairmont Merchantile, and ate ice cream and Ted and Wally's!


Omaha, NE
Early hotel checkout and coffee stop at Blue Line Coffee before hitting the road

Iowa City, IA
Linch break at Trumpet Blossom Cafe