Friday, May 29, 2015

Garden Update

Lately my mind has been filled with daydreams of having a large vegetable garden (the only thing I miss about living in Green Bay) and endless flower beds to tend to.  As a renter in Madison (where the community garden wait list lasts years), I simply settle for the best I can get - an itty bitty veg garden, and a few pots with flowers.  

In the pics you can see my vegetable garden is just a couple high beds and containers, where I only planted our favorite veggies:  Zuc, bell peppers, carrots, broc, basil, chives, as well as strawberries. Things were slow growing at first, but the warm days lately have really kicked the plants into overdrive. 
I also have a potted threesome by the back door: Canna Lily, Hibiscus, and petunias (formerly strawberries). The hibiscus has been getting huge and I am patiently waiting for it to start budding…probably not for another month! The canna lilies felt like a struggle to get started, but ever since they started pocking out of the dirt they have been growing at least an inch a day!  The flowers will look so much better together when they are all larger and in bloom!

Side note:  notice all my beds and containers filled with rocks?!  The rocks work great at holding moisture into the soil, but the main purpose is to prevent squirrels from digging in the dirt.  After much trial and error last summer (and a very failed container garden thanks to the squirrels), the rocks have been working quite well as a deterrent - better than anything else I've tried!

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