Friday, March 20, 2015

Veterans Museum

Civil war wax display veterans museum WWI french poster WWII wax display veterans museum WWII wax display veterans museum veterans museum veterans museum USS Wisconsin Plaque

Back in January we went on a snow-day trip to the local Veterans Museum (I know, I'm quite late on this one!). We had the place to ourselves because it was -30 degrees outside with intense wind and heavy snow. Needless to say, downtown was pretty quiet that day.  
The museum was much smaller than we anticipated, but we were pleasantly surprised by volume of content.  As you can see, there were a lot of life-size reenactment displays, and the museum covered the Civil War all the way up to present day.  It was definitely a worth-while free day!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crazy Cat Lady X

A few scenes of my boys the past few months, plus a guest feline friend! 

Orange cat rubbing leg
Lovely babe my parents pet-sat over the holidays

Cat rubbing leg
Lots of rubs

cat sleeping in sun
Sleeping in the sun

cat in sun
More sun…

cat in sun
…and more sun!

 photo DSCN9208_zpsm3sratjh.jpg
Getting in the way while I pack

 photo DSCN0804_zpsq6ai6p1o.jpg
Hide and seek fail!

 photo cats_zpsixt578p4.jpg 
Cosmo is a bully…

As seen on instagram

cat with tongue out
Sleeping with his tongue out.

cat curled up sleeping
Loving his new bed!