Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY: Vintage Inspired Hang Tags

DIY vintage hang tags

I have had a couple people ask me how I make my hang tags, so I decided to let all my secrets out! I use mine as product tags, but they would also work well as gift tags or even unique business cards!

I got the idea to make these tags after being fascinated with antique and vintage train tickets and product hang tags.  These tickets and tags sometimes had various stickers and stamps as well as multiple font types and sizes.  I have always loved the mismatched yet cohesive look of them, so when I came across this post about Ralph Lauren vintage look hang tags I was inspired to make a simplified version of my own.

-Heavy paper for the tag body
-Colored construction paper for the accent
-Glue stick
-Stamp pad and stamps
-Small piece of scrap fabric
-Eyelet punch

The paper I am using is a tan heavy handmade paper that I purchased from a local fair trade store.
To start, I created a double-sided design in my Word Processor using a custom business card format and typed in my base layer to the tags.  If you have a basic printer like me, you have to make sure all your margins are the same between the front side document and the back side, so they align correctly when printed.

Next, I printed the paper, I measured, marked, and cut out the tags.  Mine are a standard business card size:  3.5" x 2"


 -Snip the top corners off


 Now I am ready for stamping!  I used my stamps to add a model letter and number on the lines I have given myself.  And I stamped "Made in Green Bay, WI" in the center of the strip of green paper.


 Using my glue stick, I smeared a little on the back of the green paper and glued it to the bottom of the tag with the stamp on the back side.  On the front side, I ripped of the excess green paper and glued down the ends with a little overlap.

 diy vintage hang tags diy vintage hang tags

The final step:  I think what really brings the tag together is the metal eyelet hole.  Here I used my scissors to cut a hole at the top, center of the tag as well as in the center of my small fabric scrap.  I inserted the eyelet into the front of the tag and pressed the scrap fabric onto the the eyelet on the back side. I took my eyelet press and secured the eyelet in place.

 diy vintage hang tags
 diy vintage hang tags diy vintage hang tags diy vintage hang tags diy vintage hang tags


 diy vintage hang tags diy vintage hang tags diy vintage hang tags

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