Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Coffee Stained Business Cards/Hang Tags


The only color paper left at the fair trade store was white. I reluctantly purchased the paper to make business cards and hang tags, but thought my finished cards looked too bland. After doing some searching and coming across Mint Design's post on how to ink dye business cards(their finished product can be seen Here), I knew I had to try it! Lacking the ink, I turned to my trusty espresso machine!

Business cards (unglossed matte finish.  My handmade paper business cards gave the best results by absorbing more of the liquid)
Brewed or instant coffee
Old towel or sheet for drying
diy hang tags business cards

Simply pour a little but of the coffee into the plate, lay a card in the coffee for a second, pull the card out, dab off the excess liquid, and lay the card on the towel or sheet to dry.  It takes many hours for the cards to fully dry.
 diy hang tags business cards diy hang tags diy hang tags

The finished product has an antique look with uneven tan tones and darker edges.
 diy hang tags diy hang tags

Before and after:
 diy hang tags

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