Saturday, October 25, 2014

State Capitol Tour

Ever since I relocated to Madison, I have been wanting to get a guided tour of the Capitol building. Well, after about a year, my other half and I finally made it a date! Corey had off work on Friday, so we spent much of the day downtown getting lunch at the food carts, stopping at "Fair Trade" for coffee, browsing the library and ending to lovely afternoon with a capitol tour.

 photo DSCN8815_zps64cb9d79.jpg
Conference room ceiling inside the Governor's office…lots of gold leafing!
 photo DSCN8827_zps25e8a29c.jpg
Our view from inside the dome!
 photo DSCN8809_zps4cbf0b17.jpg
View from the rotunda
 photo DSCN8810_zps268937a9.jpg
Close up of the painting inside the dome…I know you've seen this in a previous post as well
 photo DSCN8820_zps134d1e9a.jpg
There were a lot of pretty sky lights
 photo DSCN8819_zpsa0aa2304.jpg
Fossil in the wall
We were able to go into all the main rooms in the Capitol and got a brief history lesson in each one.  We saw the Governor's office area, the Senate Chamber, the Assembly Chamber, and Supreme Court.  Each room was different but they all had a few things in common:  a lot of gold leafing, a lot of marble, large antique paintings, and a lot of natural light.

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