Friday, October 31, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady IX

A snowy morning and chilly day (currently 35 Degree F) leads to cozy snuggles with my babes!!  Here are a lot of photos I took throughout the summer of my boys doing what they do best!

 - Sunbathing -

cat in sun cat in sun cat in sun cat in sun

- Nap Time - 

cat napping cat sleeping cat asleep catnap cat napping cat sleeping

- Hangin' Out -

cat cat cat
(Cosmo regularly has spikes on his head from drinking water out of the faucet.  Of course, he can't just drink the water like a normal cat…instead he lets the water fall on the top of his head, run down his face, and drinks it as it drips off his nose)
 photo DSCN6851_zpsb5de846e.jpg
As soon as Cosmo stopped looking out the window, Clue walked right up and started copying
 photo DSCN6508_zpsadb89144.jpg  photo DSCN6455_zps5987f06f.jpg  photo DSCN6444_zpsd5fb7216.jpg
Watching the neighbor's cat from across the driveway…you can see it's head in the bottom corner of the  window.
 photo DSCN8146_zps1cdab571.jpg
Grumpy face after just waking up
- As Seen On Instagram -

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