Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thrifty Finds VII

 photo DSCN8550_zps35bb7dec.jpg
International celebrity fan-mail envelopes…found at an estate sale.  Will be added to my vintage shop…I'll give you more details when I officially revive the shop
 photo DSCN8559_zpsacc78f3a.jpg 
Well loved and tattered hand sewn quilt for $2 found at a local thrift store!!  I'm spending the chilly evenings curled up under it while I slowly patch it up.
 photo DSCN8585_zps4865b9ba.jpg
Toy Beetle
 photo DSCN8546_zps59452e57.jpg
My accessories pile keeps growing…also going to be added to my vintage shop someday soon.
 photo DSCN8537_zps2e04a89f.jpg
Big flea market haul!
 photo DSCN8566_zpsee812373.jpg
1950s chairs bought for $10 at a small local flea market!  We finally got rid of the old bulky chairs we had and replaced them with these.  Now I'm on the hunt for a cool table…maybe a future DIY!
 photo DSCN8543_zps4479acc5.jpg
Oh, how I love the St. Vinny's Halloween section.  Found this gorgeous 1950s dress for $8
 photo DSCN8544_zps0cfaef6a.jpg
Brass bracelet from 1930s/40s.  Found it at a flea market for $1 and wear it almost everyday!
WWI era small flag.  Another great $1 find at a flea market!  The seller apparently inherited an entire estate and just wanted everything gone asap so almost everything they had was a dollar!  
Nail/screws sack found at an estate sale.  I love how the eagle has screws in it's grasp!  This will be transformed into a new product very soon!

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