Saturday, September 27, 2014

Simple Living: Downsizing to a Mini-Fridge

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We have officially downsized from a full size (18 cu. ft) refrigerator to a (4.4 cu. ft) mini-fridge with room to spare!!
I know, most people can't fathom making such a switch, but for us it was more than easy!  Our full size refrigerator was practically empty all the time, and that's not because we dine out a lot.  Here is why the switch was so easy:

-There is only two of us…no kids.  Nor do we do any entertaining or have gatherings.
-We only buy a weeks worth of food at a time.  With the exception of non-perishable food items we eat a lot of (flour, rice…).
-We never have leftovers.  We only cook as much as we will eat in one sitting
-We are vegan and vegetarian, so we have no meat, no eggs, and minimal dairy to store in the fridge
-We only drink milk and tap water at home so no cans or bottles for soda, beer, water, etc to keep cold
-We always have fresh fruits and veggies on hand, but only store in the fridge what needs to be kept cold
-We rarely freeze anything.  The freezer is almost exclusively for ice cube trays and ice packs.

This has been our food shopping/cooking/storing habit for many years.  It all began when we lived in an apartment that had a 5'x6' kitchen with minimal cupboard space.  We had gotten into a routine of not buying much at a time that way we didn't have to store much at a time either.  We quickly realized how little food we were wasting/throwing away by only buying what we needed for a few days span and only cooking what we would eat in a single sitting.  We have happily maintained the routine even though we moved away from that itty bitty kitchen.

Anyway, I have been thinking about making this change to a mini-fridge for a number of years now, but always thought we'd downsize when we owned our own home since refrigerators are always provided when renting.  The big push came when we moved into our most recent apartment a few months ago.  The refrigerator we are provided is over 20 years old, is loud, and runs almost constantly.  Everyday, I got increasingly irritated with the fridge because it was such a waste of energy, nor was the landlord going to replace it anytime soon.  Although, we can't remove the large fridge from our apartment, we still decided it was time to just unplug the thing and get something more suited to our needs.  Now that we have have been using the mini-fridge, I don't think we will ever go back to using a full size refrigerator!!

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