Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scenes From Summer

This was my first summer in Madison and I enjoyed it at much as I could!  Corey and I went on weekly dates to places in the city we hadn't seen/been to before.  I have a few more things to do on my list before it gets too cold and my holiday rush begins!

Beetle Time
I spent a good chunk of summer riding in this piece of machinery…going to car shows and simply going for a drive.  Surprisingly I didn't take any photos of my old moped this year. I rode it regularly, but mostly for quick runs to the post office or the library.
1976 yellow volkswagen beetle
vintage volkswagen beetles
1976 yellow volkswagen beetle urban

One thing I definitely made time for over the summer was, as my dad likes to say, "therapy" aka enjoying the great outdoors! Thankfully, I live only a few blocks from a couple of gorgeous lakes, a short walk away from the botanical garden, and too many parks to count within 30 miles (including Devil's Lake State Park).

 photo DSCN6990bb_zpseb71101c.jpg
Devils Lake State Park with my love
 photo DSCN6985_zpsb6e2eb93.jpg
More Devil's Lake
 photo DSCN7122_zps6aa37989.jpg
Botanical Garden walk
 photo DSCN6864_zps01d9f121.jpg
Picnic Point Park trail
 photo DSCN6998_zpsa58c7f27.jpg
More Devils Lake
 photo DSCN7065_zpsa94d60d1.jpg
on Lake Monona
 photo DSCN7070_zps0095bbce.jpg  photo DSCN6491_zps0bd00468.jpg  photo DSCN6775_zps5cdd1d39.jpg 
Ombre water

I go downtown quite often for the farmers market, coffee and shopping.  Unfortunately, I seem to always forget my camera!  Here are a few pics I managed to find.

 photo DSCN6823_zps6a75ef6f.jpg 
View of State St and UW from the Capitol building
 photo DSCN6805_zps9da3bf01.jpg
Visiting the capitol building with family and friends
 photo DSCN6811bb_zps73ab8da4.jpg
Painting at the top of the dome inside the capitol
 photo DSCN6812_zps4c4b7848.jpg
 photo DSCN6832_zps72cea9d0.jpg
Favorite local band:  Boo Bradley
 photo DSCN7037_zpsdb92365f.jpg
I love antique wood flooring
 photo DSCN6787_zps8f36d11a.jpg
View of downtown from my neighborhood

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