Sunday, March 30, 2014

Laundry Day

About a month ago, I happily adapted to a new way of washing fabrics and laundry!  Between a reoccurring wrist pain that made hand washing fabrics difficult, and my constant quest to live more sustainably, the switch was very easy!  I did a little research and found these two machines by The Laundry Alternative online, and was lucky enough to buy them gently used.

The machines are: a hand crank tumble "washer" and a spin dryer (works as a centrifuge and spins most of the water out leaving the materials slightly damp for hang drying).  Washing and drying only take a couple minutes each, and clothes are typically air dryer within an hour.  Easy peasy!
Neither machine is very large (as you can see how they compare to my lovely model!), but they are large enough to wash and dry everything but my blankets.  Even my bath towels and bed sheets fit in these babies!

This washer and dryer combo couldn't be more perfect for my needs!  I love their size, convenience, and the fact that they use minimal electricity as well as less water than conventional laundry machines!  Yes, you read that right…convenience!  In my current apartment we have shared coin-op machines in the basement (which isn't too bad), but in a month I am moving to an apartment that does not have laundry in the building.  As an alternative to hauling laundry down the street to the 'mat, these machines are certainly a convenience and luxury!

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