Monday, February 24, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady VII

 photo DSCN2830_zpsc97ef217.jpg  photo DSCN4389_zps45ae982f.jpg  photo DSCN3977_zps05022c18.jpg  photo DSCN3790_zps33e87214.jpg  photo DSCN4343_zpsb12827b3.jpg

A few recent snapshots of my babes:
-Bird watching on the porch
-Nap time
-Warming up by the radiator, begging for tummy rubs!
-About to pounce
-Helping with work photo editing

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dreadlock Update: 3 Years!

3 year old dreadlocks
3 year old dreadlocks
3 year old dreadlocks

I realized I have been long overdue for a dreadlocks update…the last time I gave an official dread update, they were 1 year old!! Now, they are 3 years old, I have slightly fewer of them (because I fused a couple of the super skinnies together), and they are a lot longer!!