Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Arboretum Tour

 photo 007b_zpse455ce78.jpg  photo 009b_zps57da3a83.jpg  photo 010b_zps8ec18644.jpg  photo 012b_zps384f0405.jpg  photo 017b_zps97b2a8b3.jpg  photo 018b_zps5ee0729c.jpg  photo 025b_zps29bef423.jpg  photo 026b_zps9ad48bb1.jpg  photo 033b_zps2b708775.jpg

The past weekend, we went on a walking tour of "the lost city" at the UW Arboretum. "The Lost City" is a failed residential development from the early 1920s that is now taken over by nature in the middle of the arboretum. In the early 20's, roads were paves, tree lines were planted, a few land plots were sold and only a couple houses were build built before the project was abandoned due to a handful of reasons. Today, the couple houses remain as private properties, the tree lines are now blended in with the new vegetation, and the paved roadways are mostly covered by nearly 100 years of fallen leaves and new plant growth. We took a guided tour that showed up some of the original paved roads that are currently used as walking trails. We also went off the trail to see the moss covered foundation of a once standing house that was part of the original development.  Above are the pictures I took from the lovely fall day.  And below are a few pictured from the original development planning as well as a picture of a roadway being paved.

 photo NewPicture_zps4907b103.png  photo NewPicture1_zpsb94dfc3a.png

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Leaves

 photo leaf_zps60608c7d.jpg  photo 062b_zpsffdc8acb.jpg  photo 060b_zps60712a44.jpg  photo leaf2_zpsb1e6bf14.jpg  photo 014b_zpsafc57296.jpg  photo 001bb_zps2d38c740.jpg

Today, I am completely in the spirit of fall!  The morning was frosty, the afternoon was crisp, I am bundled up in flannel, my walk was much more colorful than usual, and my mind is daydreaming of what to make with the pie pumpkin I bought.  As I continue to browse through old photos, here are a handful of leaf pictures I have taken the past few years.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Botanical Garden

botanical garden botanical garden botanical garden botanical garden botanical garden botanical garden botanical garden botanical garden botanical garden 
A few images from my stroll through the botanical garden on the last hot day of the season. The leaves are still mostly green around here, but last night's frost will probably change that.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Feed Mill

abandoned feed mill graffiti abandoned feed mill graffiti abandoned feed mill graffiti abandoned feed mill graffiti abandoned feed mill graffiti  photo NewPicture11_zps2e4589ca.png

Just down the street from my apartment a cool old mill that I finally made a point to take a few pics of.  It was originally a sugar mill in the early 1900s, followed by a grain mill starting in the 1920s, but has remained empty for the past few decades.  The building has recently been declared a city landmark and there have been many meetings on how to revitalize the space.  For the time being, the old building continues to slowly crumble and unskilled graffiti artists have made it their playground.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Wild Cranberry Picking Adventure

 photo 008b_zps6e7a5f00.jpg  photo 009b_zpsf8821712.jpg  photo 020b_zpsaf867a5b.jpg  photo 024b_zpsb93d86d3.jpg  photo 033b_zpsacaf4909.jpg nature walk nature walk nature walk nature walk nature walk nature walk nature walk wild cranberry picking  photo 113b_zps30e5462b.jpg  photo 127b_zps2ce2c292.jpg  photo 132b_zpsc399f22e.jpg  photo 140b_zpsb0ece0ba.jpg  photo 142b_zps52a93109.jpg

I spent this past weekend out of town visiting my parents. Despite the wet and hazy weather, we spent much of Saturday exploring my father's personal sanctuary. He guided us through the woods and took us onto the lake for a short row boat ride.  We also walked through a waterbed bog picking wild cranberries and enjoyed the Fall scenery.  It was such a lovely time away from the busy city.  Now I have think of what to make with the cranberries!