Monday, August 19, 2013

Around the Apartment

 photo 004b_zpsdf9f8cf6.jpg  photo 013b_zpsd3ea5b2d.jpg  photo 008b_zpscef56523.jpg  photo 009b_zpsf02ad8d4.jpg  photo 010b_zps7e7e24f8.jpg  photo 006b_zps22e3469f.jpg  photo 005b_zpsf0bec959.jpg  photo 007b_zpsd4bb82ac.jpg  photo 001b_zpsc22eaaec.jpg

A few scenes from around the new apartment:
-Entering into the living room
-Clue's chair corner
-More living room
-Cozy small work space off the living room
-Work space window views into the sun-porch
-Sun-porch, I hope to add some greenery soon
-Cosmo's favorite spot
-Scarf curtain in the kitchen

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